Didn’t even eat or drink anything but water so far, but I did work in the yard. Thus my #bgnow is…a little higher than I’d like it to be. #diabetes

Looked around Costco today. Wasn’t going there to buy clothes, but they had more than the usual supply of clothing, so of course I looked.

They did have a few things in my size today, but nothing I need at the moment. Hopefully soon, I will have made enough progress that I will have a few more options.

Playing with Open Diabetes, which just graphs my Blood Glucose data from Apple HealthKit.

This week was definitely my best ever in terms of #diabetes control. #t2d

I am quickly approaching my lowest weight in my adult life. Which is still overweight by official standards, but a significant mile marker none the less. Means I’ve lost close to 100 pounds or 45 kilos.

Had to measure twice to verify because it was so unbelievable. #bgnow #diabetes

Meanwhile, Facebork wants to know if I think they’re good for the world or not. 🙄

Gotta get my double stars. But maybe I should order something more than a Blonde Americano, though. 🤔

Definitely liking these #bgnow trends. When paired with my weight loss trends, I’m sure I’m adding some years to my life. Gonna beat #diabetes yet. #t2d