No SkyClub at CLE, so we’ll have to overpay for cheese and wine at Vino Volo.

In other scary travel statistic news, I’ve already exceeded the number of miles I flew last year. And it’s August. 😳

Taking a break to work on CheckMates stuff. And yes, I’ve finally decided I need a Starbucks name when I don’t use the app to order (and not at my home Starbucks).

Counting the current business trip I’m on, I will have been “on the road” more than 100 days this year. That’s…a lot. 😳

When I came to Cedar Point last year, I was too big to ride many of the rides. Since then, I’ve lost enough weight and inches that I now fit. A non-scale victory thanks to #keto #nsng #IntermittentFasting.

Any advice on telling your doctor “yeah, no interest in taking your statins or hypertension drugs anymore”?

Back when I started traveling for business, this is how I used to entertain myself on flights. Nice to know that Delta still has playing cards.