Heading to Vevey on the train this morning. Trying a new bier (for me) along the way.

Deep fried cheese, salad, and cream of asparagus soup. 🤤

Given the lack of sleep, I can use the Starbucks Cold Brew. But damn, it’s expensive in Switzerland!

Considering I had to sprint to get here on time, I’m glad Air France isn’t being punctual today.

Thankful for the Comfort+ seating to CDG en route to GVA.

#FlatMoti and I are heading to Geneva for this week’s CheckMates event! Meanwhile, I’m getting things done in the Delta SkyClub.

Also micro.blog app is kinda buggy @Manton. It hung trying to post my last post. Had to kill the post attempt (with the X in the corner) and try again.

I sure hope you’re getting crash logs every time Sunlit crashes @Manton because it’s been doing it quite often. Particularly when posting/updating this story.