Social media is like a flower garden

Social media is like a flower garden. All kinds of random shit grows there. To get only the flowers you want, you have to weed it. Flowers getting too big? You have to trim them. No longer getting joy out of a certain flower? Pull it out.

And no, you can’t rely on someone else to do this for you. Either do it yourself, stop looking at it so often, or don’t have a garden. These are all valid choices.

Federated social media tools are like gardens: all kinds of stuff grows there. You don’t like something? Weed it out. What do you weed out? It’s a matter of personal taste.

The question is: do you trust someone else to have your taste? Personally, I don’t.

Just discovered a wasp nest in an inconvenient place: in the cabinet outside next to my grill. 😱

Checking out Google Podcasts. What podcast did I subscribe to first? #noagenda or course. #TBPITU

I trust ZTE more than I trust any member of Congress.

Have a day, fellow dads. Appreciate yours if you have one.

Rare to see Sugar and Mimi lying down in the same place.