If I can’t even link to a conversation that happens on micro.blog that originates from my own site, what’s the point of all this?

micro.blog has far too many fiddly bits, even for someone like me who can handle the fiddly bits. Not impressed.

One annoying thing about business travel: doing the expense reports afterword. Especially when they involve foreign currency.

Some days, you’re the entertainment, other days you’re the janitor.

So… yeah, having to use the full WordPress editor just to write a post that shows up on micro.blog seems to be a bit much.

So only root posts are posted to your own microblog. Not sure I like that.

Love when the cup of ice water comes with my espresso without even asking. Make sure Spencer gets a raise @gigdrivestarbucks

Now I can get my quad espresso from @gigdrivestarbucks in blonde. 👍🏻

I’m cold and trapped on a shiny metal tube. On the plus side, I’m on the way home.