I’ve got a blog post about blood glucose meters I need to finish and post.

Giving Enpass a try. Let’s just say I’m not thrilled LastPass doubled their price last year and looking for a better (cheaper) option.

My pants before I started and my current ones, 10 inches smaller, which are starting to get loose now. 👍🏻

This accident came at a problematic time just in terms of travel schedule. I’m only going to be home 1 of the next 10 weekdays in the next two weeks. Just means it’ll take that much longer to deal with. 😒

As if I didn’t have enough to do, now I have to deal with the fact someone backed into my car in the parking lot. 😑

Apparently tomorrow isn’t a school day for the kids. Alrighty.

Even though we bought it six months ago, we are just now doing the inaugural run of our new grill.