Trying this Life Fasting Tracker app out. It has a social element to it. I’m phoneboy on it, but only if you’re into that sort of thing. @lifeomicif

And it gets worse. When Sunlit crashes, it “forgets” it already uploaded certain photos. So when I try to post the story again, it also uploads previously uploaded photos again. @manton

Apparently trying to post a large photo album (100 photos) with Sunlit to my WordPress blog is an exercise in “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” @manton.

These are the kinds of “comments” I am getting as webmentions @jeremycherfas. By settings, I mean “what settings will block these comments but allow the good ones.” May have to take a whitelist approach.

I can live with the fact KLM made me check my suitcase, but not happy they tagged my backpack as an "under seat" item. 😒