On WestJet today from Toronto to Calgary connecting thru Edmonton. No status, or much in the way of Delta MQD, but got the Exit Row. 👍🏻

We’ve got Timmy’s. First time I’ve had it black. Definitely better with cream.

You know you’re in the airport early when Timmy’s isn’t even own yet. 😴

Tight connection in SLC but had just enough time to use the facilities before boarding for YYZ, where I hear the weather is lovely. 😭🌧❄️

Today’s final destination is Toronto, but first: Salt Lake City.

You know you’re at the airport early when the SkyClub is closed.

I don’t buy books often. May not have needed to buy this one, but it’s useful to have something I can refer to offline.

My pulomonogist is setting me up for a home sleep study to see if I still need a CPAP machine. All that weight loss plus the initial apnea being fairly mild to begin means…I may not need it. We’ll see.

I don’t think my blood pressure has ever been this low. It was similar at the doctors office earlier today. 👍🏻