Why I’m leaving Micro.blog

“For a service that purports to care about inclusion and diversity, it’s disappointing when I have to point out this kind of extreme lack of diversity in an area that’s completely curated by those declaring these values in the first place.”

My thoughts exactly.

Seeing as I’ve eaten nothing so far today, this #bgnow result is all about that #SFvsKC game. 😭

Probably one of the last times this season it’s vaguely warm and sunny out here.

The most surprisingly good item on this plate? The pork rinds. The BBQ meat was good too.

As much as I like the idea of micro.blog, I’m not sure I like the reality. The community is very self-selecting with a high-barrier of entry, resulting in not enough diversity of people or conversations.

Maybe people are fine with that, not sure I am