It’s not a great experience to use from something other than iOS or Mac.

IndieWeb Auth seems like another system designed by geeks that normal people will never be able to figure out and use in the real world. Way to be open and inclusive, guys!

This travel mug does a great job keeping my coffee warm. It also represents my favorite sportsball team, too.

What if I don’t want to list my microblog in my profile for the various sites indieauth recognizes as a valid authentication provider? 🙄

I think I figured out why I change content management systems every few years… I just get bored. No other real reason I can come up with.

No wonder I have no single repository of shit I’ve written on the Interwebs, even though I’ve been on it more than 20 years now.

You know what would be really groovy @manton? A way to verify your website with DNS. I don’t really have a good way on the site I want in my profile to add something to a header or a sidebar link.

If you want those mentions to show on your WordPress site without moderating them, the following two settings are required.