For those who want comments to show on your posts from a self-hosted WordPress site, these are the critical plugins to run. One allows you to “verify” your site, the others the mentions to be received.

Self input for my annual review submitted. Safe to say it will be generally positive, given the success I managed to achieve in 2017.

I’ve heard that any more than a half pound a day of weight loss is water. If that’s the case, I’ve lost an awful lot of water this week.

The “total weight loss” is missing 10 pounds or so. Either way, I’ve lost a fair bit of weight.

It’s gotta be water weight I’m losing, but that’s a lot of water. 😳

Why is it the app on Mac is hanging when I try to post a reply now?

Still stumbling and fumbling through Not liking that it takes a bit for comments to show up on my site. Guess it’s not sending the webmentions “as they happen” but rather queueing them up.