Trying four longshots of Blonde Espresso today. Also added a splash of heavy cream. Will have to try without later.

Looking good forward to using this to punch a few more holes in my belts.

Kinda ridiculous how well this post is doing on LinkedIn. Wish I could come up with a marketing post that got this kind of response.

Have the drive from the non-booting Mac mounted on a Linux machine and am copying the images and movies off. Apparently many of the files don’t contain EXIF data, so it’s kinda important to maintain file creation dates… which means this copy process is taking a while.

There’s a certain point where I wonder: why am I keeping this? So I get rid of it. Then, later, I wonder why I didn’t keep it. sigh

Testing workflows again, now incorporating as part of it.

Kinda shocking how many views, comments, and likes my “before and after” photos got. On LinkedIn of all places!