It’s gotta be water weight I’m losing, but that’s a lot of water. 😳

Why is it the app on Mac is hanging when I try to post a reply now?

Still stumbling and fumbling through Not liking that it takes a bit for comments to show up on my site. Guess it’s not sending the webmentions “as they happen” but rather queueing them up.

Actually put on the “large” Mr Robot hoodie that I “won” as part of their Ecoin promotion. It’s not something I’d wear in public as it is clearly too small for me. That said, for tracking weight loss progress (or even just wearing in my office at home), it will work.

Still not entirely sure about this thing. It gave me an excuse to load WordPress again, which I haven’t done in quite a while.

If I can’t even link to a conversation that happens on that originates from my own site, what’s the point of all this? has far too many fiddly bits, even for someone like me who can handle the fiddly bits. Not impressed.

One annoying thing about business travel: doing the expense reports afterword. Especially when they involve foreign currency.

Some days, you’re the entertainment, other days you’re the janitor.