So… yeah, having to use the full WordPress editor just to write a post that shows up on seems to be a bit much.

So only root posts are posted to your own microblog. Not sure I like that.

Love when the cup of ice water comes with my espresso without even asking. Make sure Spencer gets a raise @gigdrivestarbucks

Now I can get my quad espresso from @gigdrivestarbucks in blonde. 👍🏻

I’m cold and trapped on a shiny metal tube. On the plus side, I’m on the way home.

One of the smaller seat belts on a flight…and it fits. Barely. Still, a non-scale victory.

Missed Comfort+ by one row. Still, this is not bad for the long flight back to Seattle.

The one lone Delta plane in a sea of Air France and other SkyTeam partners. This one must be mine.